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Angels aren't born with wings...

....they have to earn them.

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me me me... I'm a Hipothysis!!!
A Hip(py-ish), (g)othy (dressing), sis(sy)= hipothysis. and a metaphorical one at that!

anyway, I am 6', 160 lb, brown hair, hazel eyes, and a cute arse smile!

I'm a girl with a personality, one of a kind and sometimes pretty abstract. I'm an aspiring writer/poet, and somewhat of a journalist. I'm into mixing up my writing with photo's atm.
and editing my old poetry to be published. more details on those projects coming soon.


My name is


My gender is

active, adorant, alien, ally, ambigender, ambiguous, ambisexual, angel, animal lover, anomalous, aromantic, artsy, ask me, assertive, BDSM, beautiful, bent, bicurious, big sister, bigender, bisensual, bisexual, bishoujo, bitch, bitchboi, boigirl, boigrrl, bondage, both, bottom, bouncy, boy in a skirt, bubbly, caring, cat lover, chick, chick with a dick, clone, complex, confidant, confused, creative, creature, crossdresser, cuddly, curious, cute, DS, daddy's girl, daddy's grrl, daddy's whore, different, differently-gendered, do-me queen, doublecrossdresser, dreamer, eccentric, either, estranged, etc., everything, faerie, fangirl, female, female-identified, female-souled, feminine, femme, femme-fucking, femme-ish, femme-liking, femme-loving, femmy, fetishist, fey, flirty, fluid, freak, free, friend, friend of Dorothy, friendless, friendly, full of love, GLBT, GLBTQ, GLBTQA, GLBTQI, GLBTQIA, Green, gay-curious, gay-friendly, gaysexual, gender bender, gender challenged, gender different, gender dysphoric, gender expressive, gender gifted, gender transcender, gender variant, genderbent, genderfuck, genderless, genderqueer, gentlewoman, girlboi, girly, glittery, grrl, grrlboi, grrly boy, gurl, gyrl, high femme, hippie, hippychick, homoemotional, homoerotic, homoflexible, human, Independent, in transition, indecisive, indifferent, individual, intelligent, interested, introvert, kinky, kitty, kurami, LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQA, LGBTQI, LGBTQIA, LGBTQIOPPS, LGBTQIPPS, leather, lesbigay, libertarian, lost, lovely, lover, loving, MT?, MTF, male-assigned, male-born, masochist, metamorph, midgender, mixed-gendered, mommy's girl, mommy's grrl, mosaic, ms., multifacetted, multigender, mx., non-op, not sure of others, nothing, nymphomaniac, oblivious, odd, omnigender, omnisexual, open, out-ish, outgoing, pansexual, pansy, part-time, passing girl, passionate, passive, peopleemotional, peoplesexual, person, philosopher, pixie, plural, polyamorous, polycurious, polyflexible, polygamist, polygender, polysexual, polysnuggler, prettyboy, pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-life, queer, queer-friendly, queer-minded, queergendered, questioning, quiet, radical faerie, random, right-brained, romantic, sacred whore, sadomasochist, same sex different gender oriented, sassy, self-defined, sensitive, sexless, sexy, shapeshifter, she-bitch, she-geek, shy, simplex, sissy, sissyboy, sister, slave, slut, snuggly, soft, soft femme, sparkly, spiritual, strange, submissive, survivor, sweet, tomboy femme, tranny, trannygirl, trannygrrl, trans, trans-friendly, trans-loving, trans-oblivious, transexual, transfan, transfemale femme, transfeminine, transfemme, transfolk, transgender, transgender warrior, transgirl, transgrrl, transhuman, transperson, transqueer, transsensual, transsexual, transtheorist, transwoman, transy, tranz, treehugger, trisexual, trustworthy, two-spirit, undeclared, undefined, understanding, unique, unspecified, unsure, versatile, weird, whatever, who cares, whole-brained, whore, wimp, witch, wolf, womyn-loving, YES!

What's yours?